Service Connect keeps you up-to-the-second with real-time notifications when a technician clocks in or out of a repair order, either in the shop or on the road.


Get alerted the second a part is placed on backorder or when a backordered part arrives. Alerts also include the repair order number and customer information for easy identification.


Be proactive with your customers. Get notified real-time via telemetrics* of possible errors and failures of machines in the field or query for MHM (machine health monitoring) for a current status.

At The Counter

Service Connect is the most comprehensive and advanced service management utility available in the Dealer Management System (DMS) marketplace. With its real-time connectivity, both internally and externally, Service Connect gives a service manager visibility of daily and future commitments and operations.

In The Shop

Access the full suite of functionality wherever you are with your tablet device or laptop. There is no special application to install and functionality is not limited. Simply log in to your tablet the same way you normally log in to NetView and enjoy the same features and functionality as your desktop experience. Service Connect has been optimized to work with both an iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro. Simply the best mobile experience.

On The Road

Integrating with MobileView, TechConnect puts a service technician in constant contact with the service manager through a real-time interactive Mobile Calendar. As a service manager makes adjustments to daily operations a technician's calendar is updated immediately with the changes. TechConnect calendar is available natively or can be connected to everyday calendars such as iCalendar (ios) or iCalsync (Android).