HBS Systems and Farmers Edge Launch Exclusive Technology Alliance to Deliver Next Generation Precision Digital and DMS Solutions.


Service Connect keeps you up-to-the-second with real-time notifications when a technician clocks in or out of a repair order, either in the shop or on the road.


Get alerted the second a part is placed on backorder or when a backordered part arrives. Alerts also include the repair order number and customer information for easy identification.


Be proactive with your customers. Get notified real-time via telemetrics* of possible errors and failures of machines in the field or query for MHM (machine health monitoring) for a current status.

Who is Farmers Edge?

Farmer Edge is, at its core, an agronomy service. Wade Barnes, CEO, of Famers Edge started his company in 2005 and quickly decided that technology would become a driving factor in his industry. Over the past several years they have become the leading agronomy company by using software, satellite imagery, localized weather stations, and data science to revolutionize how a grower evaluates their crops. As an example, while all other agronomy services use satellite imagery that is updated every 10-14 days, Farmers Edge has exclusive worldwide rights to imagery that is updated 8 – 10 times per day. Farmers Edge also developed the CanPlug that interfaces directly with the onboard computers for ALL brands of equipment. The CanPlug updates all GPS data, Error Codes, and chassis information such as Engine RPMs, hours, fuel consumption, temperatures, etc., in real-time via cellular networks.

What will be delivered from this partnership?

The HBS interface between Service Connect and the Farmers Edge CanPlug will enable real-time DTC (Engine Error Code) notification to HBS Netview Dealers. For example, if a tractor starts experiencing engine errors in the field, the HBS dealer’s service shop will be instantly notified and can reach out proactively to the grower to schedule a service truck to take care of the issue before it becomes a real problem. Along with the Service Connect interface, we will also deploy a Machine Health Monitor that will allow anyone with permissions at the dealership to view real-time information about a unit in the field and look up historical chassis information from any point in the past. For example, a grower might call in to say that his combine was running sluggish yesterday afternoon. Without leaving the dealership, a service technician can log into that machine and view engine RPMs, temperatures, pressures, and error codes for that time period. Further interfaces and applications for this data are also in development.

Why is HBS partnering with Farmers Edge?

HBS is always evaluating new technologies to bring to market that will bring value to our software and efficiencies to our dealers. In the case of Farmers Edge, this alliance is the first of its kind. We will be the first Dealership Management System in the world to deliver an interface with a connected machine directly to a service shop at a dealership. Additionally, since the CanPlug can be installed on any brand of equipment, our dealers have unprecedented access to a grower’s full fleet of machines regardless if they were purchased from and HBS dealer or a competing dealer.

How does this partnership benefit a dealership?

There are four major benefits for a dealership.

  • Increased service shop profitability. By proactively examining error codes in real-time a dealership can generate more revenue. The service shop can also reduce costs by reviewing engine data remotely instead of dispatching a service truck and technician.
  • Increased equipment sales. By giving access to the machine data a sales team will have the ability to “prove” ROI’s to growers on upgrading to newer or more efficient equipment.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Growers cannot afford a machine breakdown during the critical time between planting and harvest. Dealers that can proactively eliminate these down machines will be in much greater demand than those who cannot provide this level of service.
  • New revenue. By partnering with Farmers Edge a dealer will earn recurring revenue through the advanced agronomy services consumed by the grower.

What will be required for a dealer to use these new features?

To use this new interface, a dealer will simply need to have ServiceConnect installed at the dealership and be a Farmers Edge representative.