HBS Systems - Overview of Services

HBS Systems believes having the most powerful, comprehensive software suite in the industry is only part of the solution.  Just as critical to the success of a system change/installation are the Electronic Data Conversion, Employee Training, System Implementation and Ongoing Support phases.  HBS Systems’ proven processes are unparalleled in the industry and provide a professionally managed, smooth implementation of your new dealership management system.

To keep your staff up-to-date on the latest system features, HBS also offers ongoing educational sessions in our Learning Zone facilities located in the Dallas, Texas and Stratford, Ontario offices.


Data Conversion

HBS Systems is recognized as the leader in providing the most comprehensive electronic data conversions in the industry.

In fact, we were the pioneers in using system programmers to bring forth valuable data electronically from previous systems into the HBS Dealership Management System.

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System Tailoring

Some software vendors simply ship system manuals or maybe a video disc for you to watch and then leave you on your own to set up your new system. 

Not surprisingly, we've seen this process fail again and again costing dealerships untold dollars in lost productivity and poor customer service.

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Installation & Training

Over the past twenty-five years, HBS Systems has developed a highly structured installation & training process

This ensures that your employees and staff  will be fully trained on the new system and ready to confidently serve your customers. 


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Support & Education

Only HBS Systems maintains fully-staffed training centers in both the US and Canada to provide you with ongoing, classroom-based system education.

With HBS, you can be assured that you're getting the maximum return on  investment from your new Dealership Management System. 

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