MobileView "Touch-Optimized" Applications

It's a fact. In the equipment business, you're always on the move. Whether it's visiting a customer in the field, meeting a client at the job site, delivering equipment, or traveling to a dealer meeting, there is rarely time in your day to sit at your desk to get the job done.

That's why HBS Systems provides a suite of mobile applications to make access to your HBS Dealership Management System available at Anytime from Anywhere via your smartphone or tablet device.


  • Fast, easy access using your smartphone or tablet device
  • Works with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet device
  • Eliminates the need to carry your laptop or find a desktop computer when you're out of the dealership
  • Work where you want, when you want
  • Powerful tool for field sales and service techs
  • View photos, quotes, repair orders, parts invoice images, and other attachments
  • Carry your entire equipment inventory in your shirt pocket
  • Bundled with the HBS NetView Dealership Management System


MobileView from HBS Systems

Your customers work all hours of the day and night. Receiving a machine down call at 2:00 a.m. just comes with the territory. In days past, that call would mean a trip to the dealership to see if you have a part in stock. Not any more. Now the answer is as near as your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet device.


Anytime, Anwhere Access to Your Dealership Information

With MobileView, you can quickly access your HBS Dealership Management System without the need to boot up your laptop or find a desktop computer. Your mobile device allows you to get the answer for your customer quickly, accurately, in the least amount of time. That's great customer service and you'll get a good nights rest too!


Designed Specifically for Touch-Optimized Devices 

Unlike some systems that simply provide browser-based access to desktop applications, HBS MobileView applications are specifically designed for mobile devices to ensure reliability, performance and security. 

MobileView Graphic

This eliminates the need to tab through endless fields, fumble with web addresses or constantly resize the screen to access the desired information.

Instead, MobileView applications minimize the time and effort required to complete your daily operational tasks. 


View Attachments, Photos, Videos and More

Nothing is more frustrating than needing a copy of the factory invoice or a recent repair order when you're out on the lot trying to close a sale. Many times, if you walk inside, you may return to find the customer has lost interest or left the lot. With MobileView, you can retrieve and view any invoice, repair order, line ticket, or any other attached file without leaving the customer. MobileView puts the answer in the palm of your hands.


MobileView is Bundled with your HBS NetView System

MobileView Applications are fully integrated and bundled with your NetView Dealership Management System. There are no additional licenses to sign or fees to pay. These powerful applications are another example of the many reasons you should install an HBS Dealership Management System in your dealership.  For more information about HBS MobileView, contact HBS Systems by dialing 1-800-376-6376, or send an email message to, or click here to complete an information request form.

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Did you know...?

Tech Note

LINUX is a multitasking, multi-user operating system that provides the most efficient sharing of system resources available in an operating system.

PC Protection

It takes an average of 4 minutes for an unprotected computer to be compromised when connected to the Internet but it can happen in as little as 30 seconds.


HBS Systems offers solutions for dealerships of every size, from a single location to large, multi-location enterprises.

Hosted Option

BizNET was developed for dealerships that need a powerful Enterprise-class System, without the expense of an in-house server. Contact HBS to see if BizNET is a solution for your specific needs.


Is it time to review your dealership system or your provider? Is your system keeping pace with the changes affecting your business? Do you have the tools needed to operate your dealership profitably? Call HBS Systems today!

NetView Mobile

Access your NetView System from anywhere in the world. All you need is a browser and access to the Internet. Work from home or on the road.

Anti-Virus Protection

Never leave PC's unprotected. Each system should have current anti-virus software installed. It's a small investment compared to the costs of repairing damaged data.


ECLIPSE is designed to be safe and secure by not freely exposing your system to the Internet.


ECLIPSE operates behind the dealership firewall, keeping the guys with the black hats out!


ECLIPSE can improve your productivity by freeing your staff to focus more on dealership business and less on updating and maintaining the business system!


Netview is designed so that only the server is updated with new software, not each PC that accesses the Business System, making system management much more efficient and less time-consuming for you.

...and with ECLIPSE the updates are automatic and hassle free!


You can copy graphs created in GraphXPress and paste them into other PC software such as Microsoft Word to make presentations or supply detailed charts to others as needed.


GraphXPress is bundled with each system sold by HBS Systems at no extra charge!

eCustomer Gateway

e-Customer Gateway can expand your business to 24/7 every day of the year.

eCustomer Gateway

Full integration with OEM Online Customer Parts Catalogs means your customers are able to quickly identify parts, get pricing, and even order them all from their PC!

eCustomer Gateway

eCustomer Gateway is your 24/7 eCommerce Solution


When integrated with the HBS Business System, COIN automatically displays parts that are in your dealer stock!

Support Express

The average response time to 99.7% of our support calls is just 6 minutes when not taken live.

Learning Zone

You are trained with your own data while in the Learning Zone. No widgets or other made up data is used in this classroom. Each lesson becomes more memorable and more valuable.


HBS Systems has a large library of software written exclusively to convert you from your existing system to an HBS System.

HBS Offices

HBS Systems corporate offices are in Richardson, TX. Our Canadian office was opened in 1997 and is fully staffed to offer sales and support to our Canadian customers.

Linux in the news again!

IBM chose Linux for what is expected to be the world's most powerful supercomputer, Sequoia, due in 2011.

Versatility of Linux

Some 95% of the servers used by Hollywood's large animation studios are powered by Linux.

Director James Cameron chose Linux for the film Titanic in 1997 and continued using Linux servers for his latest box-office smash Avatar.

Linux, the clear choice

In 2009, Linux had 33.8% revenue market share of servers, compared to Microsoft's 7.3%.

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