When You Install an HBS System...Customers Notice.

At HBS Systems, we recognize that the impact of our technology extends well beyond the dealership walls and has an influence on your customer relationships.  After all, your customers depend on you for the parts, service and equipment they need to make a living. 

We recently traveled to Columbia, Missouri to visit with our customer, Harold Chapman, General Manager of Crown Power & Equipment and his customers John and Frank Glenn.

The Glenn's have been long-time customers of Crown Power & Equipment. Just a few months before our visit, the Glenn's lost a hay barn and approximately 300 round hay bales in a fire. In addition, they also lost their one-year-old Case-IH combine and a round baler. Harold responded quickly to have the dealership send out equipment to help contain the fire but the barn, round bales and the Glenn's farming equipment were a total loss.  Happily, the story does not end there.

As we pulled into Glendale Farms, the aroma of fresh lumber filled the air and the sounds of power saws and hammers echoed through the barnyard.  The Glenn's are rebuilding the hay barn and both the combine and the baler have been replaced. The photo we took for the ad captures each of these elements in a single frame.

During our conversation, Frank shared that he really appreciated a feature that Crown Power & Equipment gained by installing the HBS Dealership Management System.  The Accounts Receivable program has the capability to include collated copies of parts invoices, repair orders and wholegoods sales tickets, including signatures.  These are automatically generated during the statement run, thus eliminating the need to keep carbon copies or duplicate tickets in the dealership files. Frank shared that he likes having the option to quickly scan through the invoice images to verify purchases listed on his account each month. This saves both time and money and eliminates customer service calls to the dealership.

We certainly had a very nice visit with Harold, John and Frank and enjoyed spending time with them at the farm.

HBS Systems salutes the entire Crown Power & Equipment organization and the many customers, like John and Frank Glenn, they have faithfully served in central Missouri.

About Crown Power & Equipment

Crown-Power & Equipment has become the largest Case IH and Case CE dealership in central Missouri and is committed to providing growth, success and stability to employees and customers alike. The dealership has full-service locations located in Columbia, MO, Jefferson City, MO, Eldon, MO, Salisbury, MO, and LaMonte, MO.  The company is guided by their mission to provide great products and service to all of their customers.

About John and Frank Glenn

Glendale Farms was originally settled in 1856 by their great grandparents and today, John and Frank Glenn are fourth generation farmers on the acreage located just outside of Columbia, Missouri.  The Glenn's raise corn and soybeans and board, train and breed American Saddlebreds under the Glendale Stables, LLC, name. 




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