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For over thirty years, HBS Systems has provided equipment dealers with leading-edge systems and software technology designed specifically for Agricultural, Construction and Industrial equipment dealerships. From a humble beginning serving a single Agricultural dealership location in 1985, we have grown into the leading provider of Equipment Dealership Management Systems today. For over three decades, thousands of dealerships and OEM manufacturers worldwide have trusted HBS Systems as their partner in technology.


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With HBS, Switching Systems Doesn’t Mean You'll Have to Start Over

Only HBS Systems Brings Forward Historical Parts, Service and Unit Invoices From Your Old System

Imagine coming into the dealership and discovering that all of your historical data is gone.  Years and years of Parts Sales History, POS tickets, Service Invoices, and Unit Sales Invoices has disappeared overnight.  What a nightmare!

Well guess what, we’re not talking about a natural disaster. This nightmare can happen when you switch dealership management systems because your new system provider cannot or will not convert “Full History” from your old system.

Only HBS Systems has invested the time, resources and effort to write a comprehensive library of electronic data conversion programs to bring historical information from your old dealership system forward into your new HBS Dealership Management System.  Our staff of data conversion programming experts offers multiple electronic data conversion options so you can call the shots on the information you want to bring forward.  Based on the historic data available in your system, this may include the conversion of historic Parts Invoices, Service Invoices, and Unit Sales Invoices from your old system that can be retrieved, displayed, and printed within the HBS System.

Beyond just bringing forth the data, only HBS Systems has the staff resources dedicated to verifying and validating the information to ensure it's accuracy.

Take a few minutes to watch this informative video to learn why HBS Systems offers the industry-best solution for historic data migration.


When you choose to install an HBS Dealership Management System, you’ll have historic dealership information at your fingertips so you can serve your customers without interruption.

This is just one of the many reasons to select HBS Systems as your partner in technology. If you’re considering a system change, call us today at 1-800-376-6376 or contact us by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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